Who has the best biscuit recipe? - CHALLENGE!


I am on a search for the best biscuit recipe ever. This challenge is for Southern Style biscuits. Are you biscuit royalty? Do you have an original recipe or Grandma's recipe on a 50-year-old piece of paper bag that is a family heirloom? It's time to put that recipe to work! We will be giving away a Lodge 6qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven in this contest to the person with the best biscuit recipe in the Bigmista Biscuit Challenge. Watch the video below, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and submit your best recipe to my email, bigmista@bigmista.com with the subject: Biscuit Recipe. I will select the best 3 recipes and bake them in an upcoming video. The winner of the Lodge cast iron dutch oven will be selected in the video. If you don't have a biscuit recipe please be sure to share this post with all of your baker friends. Tag them in comments or share the video with them. And tell Nana I won't give her recipe to anyone but our friends. Please don't send any published recipes.

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