The Secret to Scrambled Eggs

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Really good scrambled eggs
Scrambled Eggs the way they should be!

My daughter and I decided to go out for breakfast this morning to a cute little coffee shop in town. The nice owner made Nutella French Toast for my daughter who thought it was excellent.

My meal, however, was not so satisfying. In keeping it Keto, I ordered 3 eggs scrambled soft and some bacon. What I received looked nothing like what I ordered. Why were my soft eggs brown?

I make it a rule not to be much of a pest in restaurants because I understand people are busy. On the other hand, I want what I'm expected to pay and tip for. I sent the eggs back, assuming it was a mixup. I again requested my eggs so only to hear her say, “I’m not sure what you want.” In my head I'm questioning this woman's culinary knowledge. Instead of vocalizing my concern, I explained my eggs should be moist, creamy and most importantly, cooked less.

She returned with eggs that were at least yellow now but they were still dry and overcooked. I doused them in hot sauce and just ate the damn eggs.

Dry Overcooked Scrambled Eggs
Dry Overcooked Scrambled Eggs

Poorly scrambled eggs are not an uncommon occurrence. Eggs half beaten, poured on an oily flat top and shoveled around. What comes off are eggs that are are hard with dry, large curds. A lot of times they are brown from being overcooked and rarely seasoned. An overcooked mess. Let me give you a few pointers on making great scrambled eggs.

  1. Scrambled eggs should be cooked with butter. There is no substitute. Nothing compares to butter.

  2. Season your eggs! Don’t wait until they are done and shake salt and pepper on them at the table. When you sit down, they should be ready to eat. Add your salt and pepper (try them with white pepper) and some parsley flakes or chives to the eggs and finish beating them. And speaking of beating, beat your eggs with a fork or whisk until they are aerated and almost like a custard. That will help them be light and fluffy.

  3. Scrambled eggs don’t need milk or water added but I like to add some Heavy Whipping Cream to mine for that extra richness. A little cheese mixed in as they are finishing also helps with this. I add a little shredded mozzarella to mine for extra creaminess.

  4. Turn your fire down! Cook your eggs over medium heat. I know it takes a little longer but the results are worth it!

  5. Finally, keep your eggs moving. Don’t just pour them in your pot or skillet and let them sit there. That is how you get those huge dry curds and brown spots. Keep your eggs in constant motion.

One of the best videos I’ve seen on scrambled eggs is Jamie Oliver’s How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs - 3 ways. Check it out here.

I hope this helps you to level up your scrambled egg game. Here’s to better breakfast!

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