The #1 Keto Craving Killer!

If you are a part of this Keto lifestyle, there are some things you are going to miss. It might be pasta, potatoes, cake or a cookie. Most of them you can learn to live without. But there will always be that one thing, that kryptonite, that one weakness that will haunt you. It could be anything. For me, it’s cinnamon rolls. Tell me if my story sounds like yours.

I’ll pass a donut shop or a Cinnabon or a 7-Eleven and think, “Man, I sure could go for a cinnamon roll or a honey bun.” 99 times out of 100, I will keep pushing on by and not give it a second thought because I am committed to Keto and I know all that sugar and carbs is bad for me. But that one time. That one time, the smell follows me home.

I find myself thinking about that cinnamon roll. I push it out of my mind only to see someone eating one on TV. I turn the TV off but Facebook and Google start using their mind reading technology and all of a sudden, cinnamon roll ads are showing up in my timeline. I go to sleep only to be tortured by cinnamon roll dreams. I wake up the next day with cream cheese icing on the brain. As I run my errands, I bolster my willpower by changing my route to avoid any store, bakery or donut shop that might test me further but I get home and find myself scouring YouTube for a cinnamon roll replacement. I’m sorry but your Fathead Cauliflower Monkfruit concoction is not a substitute for all that cinnamony goodness. So you want to know what I do? Do you want to know my number 1 way to kill this craving? How do I slay this beast that hounding my day and night? How do I banish this horror that invades my thoughts and dreams and haunts me with an inhuman persistence? I do what I should have done in the beginning. Eat a damn cinnamon roll! Note, I didn’t say eat a box of cinnamon rolls. I did not say eat a cinnamon roll every day. I did not say include one in every one of your meal prep boxes. I said eat A cinnamon roll. Most of the time I will just take two bites and toss the rest. It was more about the taste and the mouthfeel than it was about hunger. I can hear you say, “But it will knock me out of ketosis!” So? Fast the next day. Have a carb-free day. Drink lots of water. Just keep going. One cinnamon roll isn’t going to kill you. But the stress of obsessing over it might. It’s okay to have the occasional treat. Remember, this isn’t a diet. It is a lifestyle and you have to adapt it to you. You might trip over a pebble but just keep on stepping along your personal path. Your goals are still there waiting for you. Just keep moving forward and avoid the Keto Police. Do it your way and stick to the basics. You will be rewarded in the end but to kill your super cravings right now, eat a damn cinnamon roll. Bigmista

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