Breakfast - A new direction

Bigmista is taking over your mornings! The one meal I eat every day is breakfast. It is my daily joy. So I decided to change my focus here and on my YouTube channel. I will be exploring breakfast in all of its varieties, both in the kitchen and on the road. I want to learn what everyone eats for breakfast both here and on the road. Hopefully, I will have some great discussions and meet some new friends along the way. Let's start it off with a couple of review videos. First, I check Wendy's new Breakfast Baconator from their recently added breakfast menu.

Have you tried anything from the new menu yet? Let me know in the comments.

Next, I tried a huge Carne Asada Breakfast Burrito from Jalapenos Taco Shop here in Medford, OR.

I have never had Carne Asada ina breakfast burrito before so that was a treat! What is the strangest thing you have ever had in a breakfast burrito? This will be an ongoing thing from now on so be sure to check back often for all of my breakfast reviews and ideas! Enjoy! Bigmista

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