BBQ, Bourbon and Jazz

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

What the hell am I doing?

To be absolutely honest, I have no clue. I have been piddling away my time in semi-retirement and as all my friends predicted, I am bored. So instead of wasting time putting the occasional thought on Facebook where it is rarely appreciated, I decided to collect them all here where they can be totally ignored. Efficient for everyone involved.

I've read a lot about starting a blog and one of the common themes is to find my niche. Well I'm not a niche kinda guy. My life isn't limited to one interest so my posts won't be either. There will be BBQ (of course), Jazz, Bourbon, Travel and lots of food. So while I will post about whatever is interesting to me that day, I promise I will find a way to organize my posts so you can find whatever you and my other two readers (not counting Mom) are looking for. With that being said, I offer my heartiest thanks for you spending a few minutes with me. I hope you will bookmark my place here and come to visit often. You are always welcome!

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