We're meant to be social We're meant to eat. We're meant to love. All that can be accomplished with bbq. We're not talking the quick grill stuff that may take 30 minutes. We're talking about briskets, butts and ribs, that take hours and patience.

Our pitmasters smoke meat for a living but they talking about smoking meat because love it They will talk about the joys of bbq with you till the cows come home, but don't expect them to give you the family secrets.

Our cashiers can tell you what's good for the day and what's gone. We don't run out our purpose, it's just folks get a case of monkey see, monkey do (oooh that looks good, I'll have that).

They also have a tendency to go in Mrs. Mista's stash of Tootsie Pops. If she ever finds out who giving away her suckers, they're in trouble.