By submitting the form below, I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed a copy of the Catering Policies & Procedures of Bigmista's Barbecue below. If I fail to submit this form prior to the event, payment of services will be construed as acceptance of the Policies & Procedures below. Click here for a pdf copy,

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I hereinafter named Client enter into this agreement with Bigmista Barbecue Catering, hereinafter named Caterer.

The agreement coincides with the CATERING QUOTE, which outlines the exact type of food and service to be provided by caterer for client. Once contract consent is received, an actual CATERING INVOICE will accompany this agreement to make it whole.

To guarantee your function, 25% of the anticipated total cost is required at time of booking if event is more than 90 days away. If event is 35-89 days away, then 50% of the anticipated total cost is required at time of booking (unless other arrangements have been made in advance). Payments to be made according to payment schedule with balance due ten (10) days prior to the date of function (unless other arrangements are made in advance & in writing). Forms of payments accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover. Additional charges may be incurred when an event time exceeds the scheduled time, additional meal service, personnel, or any other goods /services are required.

Final numbers are due and ten (10) days prior to your function. This number is considered your minimum guaranteed amounts. If the Caterer receives no guarantee, we will use the numbers estimated on the most recently signed contract as the guarantee. After receipt of the guarantee, it is not subject to reduction. Any increase in guarantee number will be accepted up to and until five (5) days prior to event with no penalty cost.

A notice of five (5) days prior to event is required to make arrangement for additional food and menu changes, and such final guarantee, whether oral or written, is binding on client as if originally guaranteed. If Caterer agrees to make changes after the five (5) day period prior to the event, Client agrees to pay 2x’s regular pricing.

The Caterer has the option of canceling the contract within 72 hours of its booking and/or upon 24 hours attempted notice, should the Caterer be unable to service the banquet due to no fault of its own, (including but not limited to Act of God, strike, loss of power, state of emergency). The Caterers liability is strictly limited to the amount pre-collected and does not extend to any other losses the client may incur because of said inability.

All prices are subject to 9% sales tax (unless you provide proof that you represent a tax-exempt organization.)     

Additional labor charges for special services such as carvers, bartenders, cocktail servers, corkage, cake cutting, etc., may also apply. Sit down/family style service is available for an additional fee. The Service Charge is not a gratuity that is shared among on-site catering staff. This charge covers everything from the labor to produce the food for your event to the wear and tear on catering equipment, delivery, insurance expenses, to the time we spend with you designing and revising your menu.

If applicable, the Client agrees to one (1) Server per 25 guests for a minimum of five (5) hours. If the event runs over the time agreed upon time, Caterer reserves the right to charge an additional fee of $50.00 per hour (or portion thereof) per staff member.

All full service catering where staff is present is subject to 18.5% Service Charge.

In response to uncontrollable changes in food, beverage, and operating expenses, all prices quoted are subject to change. Prices can be guaranteed six months in advance and only when a signed contract is executed and a deposit has been received, unless list/market price of items increase by greater than 15% and any State and Government tax increases.

Cancellations must be submitted to Caterer in writing. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Client agrees to adhere to the cancellation policy outlined in Payment/Fee Schedule if the event is canceled or Client otherwise breaches this agreement.

Caterer reserves the right to cancel for non-payment if invoice and any late fees are not received seven (7) days prior to event (See Payment/Fee Schedule.)

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the Caterer to complete the performance and is subject to disputes, strikes, accidents, transportation, availability of foods, beverages or supplies and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, beyond the control of the Caterer, preventing or interfering with the performance of this agreement. Caterer’s liability shall be limited for any breach or non-performance of the agreement or any part thereof to the amount paid for by the initial deposit. Caterer shall not be liable for damages, consequential or otherwise. 

Dietary substitutions can be made available at time of booking. Persons receiving substitute meals must be identified upon Caterers arrival.

When offsite for an extended period of time, we have extended food temperature and holding conditions. Per Health Department guidelines, ALL FOOD MUST BE KEPT BELOW 41°F or above 140°F. (Read Health and Safety Code Section 113996-114020 for full compliance). In order to comply with this regulation it is our policy that we will only allow release of leftover food that has been presented on the table and has not been exposed for more than four (4) hours.

Once we have stopped serving and/or left the premises, we are not liable for safe, proper food storage of food items by client or their guest. If Client or Clients guest store food previously served, Client accepts all liability for safe food handling and its consumption thereafter.

All menus must be confirmed thirty days in advance. Other restrictions, charges may apply.

Client accepts responsibility for safe and proper storage/display or heating in the event, Client supplies any of his or her own food or beverage products.

Caterer reserves the right to substitute items that become unavailable in the open market or exceed reasonable market costs. Caterer will notify client for approval if time allows.

The client is responsible for any damage done to event venues and/or any property therein, during the period of time the facilities are subject to the client’s use, unless caused by an employee of Caterer.

Client accepts responsibility for any damages to any property rented/entrusted to client caused by Client, guests/invitees or another other person(s) on premises outside of staff of Caterer.

Caterer and/or its agents will be liable for any damage to property entrusted to its employees or the loss of any property by theft or otherwise.

If the name Bigmista Barbecue appears in any flyers, newspaper advertising, printed materials, etc., prior written approval by the Caterer is required, before distribution.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No modifications or cancellations thereof shall be valid nor of any force effect unless in writing signed by the Caterer.


Client agrees to pay balance due by cash, credit card, money order or check within ten (10) days of the start time of function (unless other arrangements are made in advance in writing).

Client agrees to pay a $40 fee if we receive a payment for services via check, and check is returned for insufficient funds from your bank. 

Client agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees in the event the Caterer must seek legal remedies to complete execution of this contract. 

Payment Schedule – Payments are due on our before date listed below otherwise late fees will apply. 

  • 25% due upon booking
  • 50% due if less than 90 days prior
  • 75% due if less than 30 days prior
  • 100% due if less than 10 days prior

Cancellation Schedule – If Client cancels event or breaches contract, Client forfeits payments or owes monies including late fees based on schedule below.

  • 100% due if canceled 10 days prior or less
  • 75% due if canceled 30 days prior or less
  • 50% due if canceled 90 days prior or less
  • 25% due if canceled more than 90 days prior

Late Fees – Event may be canceled due to non-payment after 3 days late while still accruing late fees.

  • Late fees are accrued at $25/day