So I am on a diet. I need some protein. I have can of tuna. What to do? Casserole? Naw. Way too much fat and calories.

Salad? Sure! Wait...what about all that mayo? Low-fat mayo? Blech!

So the question is what can I do to make this dry-ass tuna (pardon my french) palatable?

And the answer is? Nothing. Can't do it. But you can hide it! That's what I did.

The Survival Gourmet tuna salad

First I drained the 6 oz can of tuna and put it in a bowl. I squeezed half a lime over it and mixed it. Then I cut up the following:

2 roma tomatoes 1/2 cucumber 1/2 avocado (I ate the other half) 10 Jalapeno slices from the jar 3 green onions some cilantro

I put all of that in a bowl, sprinkled it with salt, black pepper and garlic powder and squeezed the other half of the lime over it. Then I just mixed it all up and Voila!! Tuna salad!

I must thank my Sister-in-Law Laila for the inspiration. I doubt I would hav e come up with this combination with out a push from her.

Tuna salad - The Survival Gourmet



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