In case you haven't heard, the smoker has landed... in Long Beach. We are happy to announce that Bigmista's Barbecue is becoming Bigmista's Barbecue & Sammich Shop. We know there is speculation of why we're not downtown but if you didn't hear it from us don't believe everything you hear or read.

Now as for our brick & mortar spot, we're taking a former bakery to a barbecue level. Which means our sammiches will rise to a new level because we're baking our own bread. We want to bring a uniqueness to our sammiches, so bare with us as we test out some recipes. Also, we're not lettuce and tomato kinda folx so don't ask. Now if you would rather have fillers and less meat, then hey, we can work that out for you.

We plan to stay true to the low-and-slow of it all but we also have fresh menu ideas coming up. So make sure you check back often as we roll out a little at time. We don't want to overwhelm y'all with our SMOKY-MANLINESS.

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