After watching Myron Mixon on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters, I decided to try a little experiment (no, I didn't try to pee lighter fluid while cursing out anyone that came near). I wanted to see how quickly I could cook a brisket and still have it be edible. To do this, I broke out the XL Ugly Drum Smoker and loaded it Royal Oak Lump because it burns hotter.

I cranked the heat up as high as I could...

Then I let it settle back down to 375 while I went to work on the brisket.

I got a nice sized brisket...

...trimmed it and seasoned it with Seasoning salt and pepper only because ultimately, it was going in a pot of brisket chili.

I put the brisket in the Drum at 5pm with it running smoothly at 375 degrees. By 8:30pm the temp was over 200 in most part of the brisket so I pulled it out, wrapped it in foil and tossed it in a cambro hot box.

Here it is going in the foil.

I let it rest for 2.5 hours. Here is the result:

The brisket was juicy and very tasty but it didn't have the texture I have come to expect in my briskets. It was a bit chewier that I prefer, more like a steak than a roast. However Mrs. Mista liked and asked for more. She got one more taste and then it went into the chili.

So we know now that you can cook a brisket at 375 for 3.5 hours and still come out with a tasty product. I think I will stick with longer cooks but it is good to know I can do this if I need to.

Let me know what you think!