I'm back again with another brisket test! This time it's UDS vs. Spicewine...the battle for brisket supremacy!!

Ok I get a little dramatic at times. This is just a comparison to determine if the different smokers turn out different briskets.

Let's start with the UDS. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, a UDS is an Ugly Drum Smoker made from a metal barrel. I cooked two briskets in the UDS with my normal rub and a minimal trim. I cooked them fat side down in order to protect the briskets from the direct heat of the fire.

The briskets cooked at 250 degrees or there about and taken from the smoker when an ice pick went in with no resistance. They were then wrapped in plastic wrap and foil with some beef broth and rested for several hours.

The briskets cooked in the Spicewine were given the exact same treatment.

Here are the results:

The UDS briskets had a more smokey flavor and the fat on the bottom of the slices was crisper and more flavorful. The side and the tip ends were overcooked and kind of crumbly but I had several customers tell me they liked the crispy bits.

The Spicewine briskets were more juicy and had a meatier flavor. The slices held together better and they had a kind of "cush" texture when you bit them. Comments from customers were "it's like butter" and "it just melts in your mouth".

Overall, I don't think that there was enough of a difference to make get rid of one and use the other exclusively because they both turned out darned good brisket.

Now where is the white bread and jalapenos?