So I got up this morning to check on the briskets and decided to make breakfast for the ladies. ( I always make breakfast for the ladies.) I wanted to do something a little different so, of course, I went to the Interwebs. While cruising around on Pinterest I came across a recipe for a Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring. Now I am not much of a baker so I almost passed this one by but, lo and behold, this one was made with canned biscuits! And guess what I just happened to have in my fridge?

A quinoa salad with some cranberry apple juice?

No! Canned biscuits! It's fate! It's kismet! It's...time to stop talking and make some breakfast!

I got the recipe from All Things Delicious and it was truly a simple thing to make. Check out what I did!

Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring


I needed something salty and spicy to offset all that sweet so I made Chorizo and eggs with spinach and cheese. This was a good breakfast!

Sticky Bun and Chorizo and eggs with spinach and cheese


Leave a comment to let me know what you think! And go to All Things Delicious to check out the recipe.

Time to get to work!