Hey folks!

I have a super secret deal for you. As most of you know, we love to participate in the Santa Anita BBQ Championship. It's one of our favorite events of the year. And we love it whenyou all come out to visit us for People's Choice and get some great BBQ.

People's Choice Champion Bigmista at the Santa Anita BBQ Championship

Well this year we have worked out a deal for yo that is awesome. Go to http://santaanitabbq.com and click "tickets". Choose one of the BBQ Packs which includes admission to the park, a racing program and a book of tasting tickets. Now here is the secret part: When it asks for the Coupon Code, type in "Bigmista" and you will automatically get 50% off the price! That's a day of world class horse racing and world class BBQ and you get it for a steal! Basically, your tasting tickets are free!

Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?

Get over to http://santaanitabbq.com now and get your package because I have absolutely no idea how long this will last.

See you in the Winner's Circle!