Mr. Grill Brass BBQ Brush

I recently received a Brass Grill Brush for review. This brush has an 18" oak handle and brass bristles for your grill cleaning chores. It also comes with a 1 year guarantee. Hard to beat that.

I decided to put the brush through its paces. I started out using it to clean the chrome grates on my MAK Grill. I found that is did a fine job cleaning the grates both top and bottom and the long handle made it easy to reach those pesky spots in the back. I do recommend cleaning the grates while they are hot. It makes the job much easier.

Next I tried cleaning the expanded metal grates in my big Spicewine cooker. I cook hundreds of pounds of meat in this cooker including pig candy which is bacon covered in sugar and spices. Unfortunately, the brush didn't stand a chance against this greasy sugar coated mess. Didn't even make a dent.

So in summary, I think this is a great brush for the backyard bbq cook. It will keep those grates clean so you can cook whenever you are ready!