As some of you know, Bigmista's Barbecue has been vending for some of the free concerts (yes that's right, I said FREE) at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. Levitt Pavilion has been the driving force behind these concerts and the will be running all summer. 

Last night we had a double dose of Reggae with performances by Arise Roots and legend Carlton Manning. The crowd was out in full force and of course we were serving them all REAL. GOOD. MEAT. We had bowls and sandwiches of brisket, pulled pork, pastrami and turkey. Everyone ate good and had a good time. Here is a quick video of one of the performances

There were a lot of great people and a lot of great music and MacArthur park is really looking nice.

We'll be there again tonight as Levitt Pavilion presents Playing for a Change. This will be a World Music extravaganza (I always wanted to use that word)! The concert starts at 8p.m. but come early to get your spot and some Bigmista's Barbecue!