Sometimes the simplest meals are the best. Pasta, brisket, BBQ, recipe

It seems that between catering and practicing for competitions, I always seem to have some meat leftover in a baggie in my freezer. This time it was some brisket. You could just as easily use some pork or chicken.

I put some rotini pasta in a pot to boil. In another pot, I mixed the thawed out chopped brisket with some Super Smokers Tennessee BBQ sauce and let it simmer while the pasta is boiling. When the pasta was done, I drained it and added it to the pot with the meat and sauce. I mixed it and tasted it. It was bland. Apparently, the sauce mellows as it cooks. So I added a few shots of Bigmista's Secret Sauce and that kicked it right up. I'd recommend using a bold flavored sauce from the beginning when you try this recipe.

So that's it. No special ingredients. No special trips to the store. Just a tasty meal that anyone can whip up!

Barbecue, Pasta, Beef, Brisket, recipe



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