This is the first time ever that I have posted to our blog page. Usually I'm fussing or something so I post it under my BBQ Widow blog but I thought this was appropriate so here I am. I have a tendency to favor our pig candy sliders and whenever I tweet about them, King’s Hawaiian is always asking for a picture or a recipe. You guys know we can’t give them the recipe because if we did we would have to blow them up (j/k Homeland Security).

Anyway, we had a twittersation and it made me want some brisket. Anyone who know we even slightly well knows I like fatty brisket (The Point) on cheap wheat bread and don’t even look at me with sauce in your eyes. We usually go to King’s Hawaiian in Torrance to pick up our batch of pre-sliced rolls when we cater or do a large festival but that wasn’t the case. Yes, I know I’m veering off track so back I go.

I didn’t get my fatty brisket on Friday even though we had to deliver 25 pounds to Monterey Park on Saturday and I had let it go… Until they (King’s Hawaiian) tweeted this morning about, I made them want brisket, which made me want it. Well it was a moot point because we didn’t have any brisket on hand. But wait there’s tri-tip and a sister loves a tri-tip and egg sandwich. They tweeted me a Find Us link that actually tells you which stores you can find the type of product you’re looking for and off I went to Ralph’s on Long Beach Boulevard.

I got ready to grab the sliced bread and saw Sandwich Rolls (ooohh). They were a bit expensive as far as bread goes but we’re talking about King’s Hawaiian people. So I grab my stash and head for home.

I’ll let the pictures tell you what I did next.

King's Hawaiian Sandwich Roll

And so it begins with a pack of bread. There are only 4 buns per pack so don't expect to share with a whole lotta folx.

Juice from smoked tri-tip

Neil had saved the juices from the meat when he originally smoked the tri-tip so I used that to heat up the meat.

Sliced Tri-Tip

Cold tri-tip kinda reminds me of prosciutto but since I don't slice that thin it's just my frame of reference. You can tell by the color that this was originally smoked to about medium and this sandwich would have been much better had this been fresh out the smoker but working with what I got.

In went the tri-tip

Sizzling tri-tip

I didn't know which looked better so I posted them both.

Fried Egg

And because eggs go with everything I had to fry one up. I just added some butter (Paula Deen style) to the still sizzling skillet and cracked in my egg. As you can tell from all these pics I am not a pretty cook.

And the finished product...

Bun off

Bun On

And don't get the idea that the buns are that big. It's a small paper plate. I'm not allowed to use real dishes in my own house because I refuse to wash dishes. I get a lot of flack about if you don't cook you should do dishes and to those folx I say mind your own damn business.

And in case you were wondering, I finished the sandwich before I finished this post.