I don't always have time to do a lot of cooking. Sometimes I come in from work and just want something quick and filling. However, since we can't have anything processed or deep fried during the Daniel Fast, a burger and fries are out. So here is what I came up with yesterday. "Baked" Potatoes! "Baked" Potatoes for Daniel Fast


I took regular Russet potatoes and pricked them all over with a fork. Then I tossed them in the microwave on the "Potato" setting. 10 minutes later I took them out, split them open and sprinkled them with seasoning salt. Next, I added some of my favorite salsa (check the label for sugar) and a dollop of non fat Greek Yogurt. A fast and easy meal that was quite filling.


Note: There were two potatoes before I took the picture. The other one mysteriously disappeared...

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