We had another good day at the Lawndale Farmers Market this time. The crowd wasn't that large but they were very happy that we were there. We had several people tell us how good the food was and some even came back to order more. One man came back three times! He said he was in town working at one of the refineries on assignment from Texas. WE asked him why he kept coming back. He said that he hadn't been able to find any good brisket and ours reminded him of home.

I called a lady over at the Hawthorne City hall (Hawthorne is the next town over) and told her we were at the Farmers Market down the road. She remembered us from a BBQ contest n Hawthorne last year. She told me she would call back with an order. True to her word she did. Next thing we know, two detectives from the Hawthorne PD showed up to pick up the order. They saw the food we were fixing and ordered 3 more sandwiches. One of them said he was putting an alarm in his phone so he can remember to come back every week!

All in all, it was a good day. The market was from 2p-7p but we were out of most stuff by 5pm. We didn't take too much food because we didn't know what the crowd would be like. WE will be taking a lot more next week.

I had to come back to work today so I can rest!



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