Kebroak Mayan Hardwood Lump Charcoal My good friend Chad of Whiskey Bent BBQ sent me a bag of Kebroak lump charcoal to try out so being the friend I am, I gave it a whirl.

As soon as I opened the bag, I was impressed with the uniformity of the pieces, there were no large chunks or several pounds of dust in the bag. You could tell that care was taken by the manufacturer to sort the pieces unlike some other manufacturers (yes Best of the West, I’m talking about you.) I loaded up the medium Spicewine and discovered the one thing I didn’t like about this charcoal. It sparks like crazy! Now I light my charcoal with a propane torch and it’s very possible that other lighting methods might produce less sparks but I was ducking sparks like I was in the Matrix.

Once they were lit, the smoker settled in at about 275. I cooked a 12 racks of ribs, 12 lbs. of tri-tip, 10 lbs of chicken and 2 turkey breasts all with one bag. The heat was consistent with no temperature spikes. This was an error free cook.

When I finished cooking, I discovered there was very minimal ash. I could have loaded another bag and cooked again before having to dump the ash tray.

I was impressed with Kebroak lump charcoal and if it was available on the West Coast, I would use it again in spite of the sparking issue. I’ll just get bigger gloves and a long sleeve shirt.