Some of my readers and friends after seeing my post about the Gumbo started asking questions about the crabs. The most frequent question was, "How do you clean those darned things?" Cleaning crabs isn't difficult at all but it isn't the most pleasant activity in the world. Unless you like playing with gushy stuff... Let's get started.

First we're gonna need a crab. How about a Dungeness?

First, flip the crab over and pry up the little "tab" on its belly.

Then pull the whole top shell off.

Next, it's time to get rid of the stuff that Ain't good eats. Start with the gills (or lungs, or whatever the hell they are called.)

Then scoop all of the goop out of the middle. (Don't you love all of the technical terms?)

Then give it a good rinse so there are no leftovers.

Pull the claws off...

...and split that bad boy right down the middle.

Some people like to pull the legs off before tossing them in to a put of gumbo but I like the half pieces because it's more fun to watch people crack those shells dig in and suck out some good meat!



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