Bigmista makes grits with veggies. Portabella Mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, spinach, tomatoes  

I love grits!

I grew up in Southeast Texas and we had grits all the time. As a kid, I ate mine with butter and sugar. When I got a little older, I changes to butter, salt, pepper and some hot sauce. But in the past few years, I started experimenting with ideas from other parts of the country (Hooray Internet!). Grits & gravy, shrimp and grits, cheesy grits and so on. You can say that I have expanded my grits vocabulary.

Grits are not hard to cook. They just take a little patience to get them right. I use the quick grits (not the instant) and they are usually done in five to 10 minutes. For all you purists out there who think the only good grits are the ones that you cook for 20 minutes, more power to you. I'll be eating while you are stirring.

What I have been doing recently is cooking my grits with chicken base or bouillon in the water. This will give you a great flavor without adding the extra fat from butter. To this I will add some sauteed veggies to the mix when the grits are done. I like portabella mushrooms, onion, bell pepper and spinach topped with a little diced tomato but feel free to experiment with the vegetables that you like.

Grits are great as a side dish or an entree and the can be served at any meal so go crazy an get your grits on!