Bigmista and I have always had a heart for small business. WAY before we opened our first Shop. We support them to the best of our ability. We know the big guys can some times offer you a better deal or a shinier bauble but it is the small businesses in your neighborhood that make up your community. They're the ones to make it a great place to live.

Since we want to see small businesses stay in business, we have to decided to put our money where our mouth is. Every month we are going to highlight a small business near one of our Shops to promote with a 10% discount. We are not asking the business to reciprocate or do anything in return except issue a receipt to the customer so that we can show them some bbq love.

So without further ado,  the highlight for the month of February is our Los Coyotes neighbor Go Dogs Go. They have been in grooming since 1995 and the cuteness that comes out of that shop makes you want to take one home. They do teeth cleaning. They have a cats only day and you can even set up a standing appointment so you never have to worry about fido getting his GQ on.

Now you know.  If you happen to frequent Go Dogs Go and like our bbq too, take advantage of the 10% off. Having a brisket sammie while you wait for fluffy sounds alright to me.