If you have ever been on the other side of broke (no money), then you now Top Ramen is the broke man’s go to meal. Since I was just a shade above broke, I would always added scrambled eggs to mine. Didn’t matter the flavor. Anyway, Neil is gone and I’m hungry. I thought there was chicken in the fridge but no such luck. Since I know Neil always keeps Top Ramen around for me (mostly because I’m a lazy cook now) I figured oh well, noodles and eggs. When I reached for the eggs, I saw some pulled pork Neil had set aside for one of his buddies at U-Haul. I started to switch to the pulled pork but I didn’t know what to eat it with. Then I started eating cold pulled pork while I scrambled my eggs and boiled my noodles. Oh SNAP! I’m gonna put this pulled pork on my noodles. Therefore, I have created what I now call Ghetto BBQ Lunch. Later y’all.

Ghetto BBQ Lunch