There is one place a lot of people forget about when they are looking for a quick meal. The freezer can be your friend when you don't have anything planned for dinner. No, I'm not talking about frozen tv dinners. I'm talking about stocking your freezer with essentials that you will need to cook a meal on the spot. When I go "freezer shopping", my store of choice is Costco. I can buy the things I need in bulk and cut down on the grocery trips that make my wife cringe. Sometime we go to Costco on a date and just pigout on the free samples (yes, I know we are goofy).

Here's my list of cooking essentials for the freezer:

  • Chicken. Buy a big bag of frozen, boneless, skinless, thighs or breasts. They might cost a little more but the convenience is worth it.
  • Ground Beef. Easy to create with. Get at least 5 lbs.
  • Shrimp. Remember..smaller number mean biger shrimp. Get at least the 50-60/pound size.
  • Salmon. It's good for you. It freezes well. And it defrosts quickly.
  • Broccoli. Get a big bag of fresh florets and freeze them yourself.
  • Sausage. Polish Sausage or hot links can liven up a lot of different dishes.
  • Pork chops. Can be prepared a myriad of different ways.
  • Whole Strawberries. An indulgence for my smoothies.
  • Keep your freezer and pantry stocked and you will always be able to "throw together" a good meal.

    I'm not cooking tonight. We're going to a birthday party. Then again, when I asked what they have to eat, they said "hearty appetizers" I might be cooking later tonight after all...

    The Survival Gourmet