I know most of you know that Bigmista has been the Grillmaster Spokesperson for Fresh & Easy for the last three years. What you may find surprising is that I had never stepped foot into a Fresh & Easy until the middle of this year. And that was only because Neil was out of town and we needed something for a catering gig. DIGRESSION – I hardly ever go to the grocery store (another story). I pick up stuff here and there because I have to for work stuff and that's about it. Anyway, time passed and maybe a few months ago, Neil brought home some pineapple from Fresh & Easy. I’m sorry Dole but this stuff made my taste buds tingle and sing at the same time. Neil had another one in the fridge for him but what's his is mine and what's mine is mine. ;> I snagged it and me and Morgan hit the road to pick up my mom for church. I made the mistake of letting my mom try some. And she tried some more, then again. Woman, don’t make me pull this car over. I snatched (gently took) my pineapple away from my mom and went on to church.

So anyway, after asking Neil to bring some home a couple of times I decided he wasn’t going to Fresh & Easy often enough to satisfy my new found addiction. I had to take matters into my own hands. The Fresh & Easy on Atlantic is not too far out of my way after dropping Morgan off at school so I took my raggedy tail on over there. I hadn’t paid attention on my first trip (different store though) but I was instantly struck by the orderliness of it all. Then wait, what is that heavenly smell of something baking slapping me in the face. I really don’t care what it is just give me some. Then a woman passed me with something that had fruit, granola and what I later found out was yogurt. So I put it on the 'to try' list but right now I’m on the hunt for pineapple.

I walked down the first aisle, which was the one I needed. There it was (angels sing – halo effect) my delicious pineapple. But wait; look right there, there’s that yogurt stuff. Smiling from ear to ear, I venture on around the corner. Oh my damn! Is that Waldorf salad I see? I love Waldorf salad - haven’t had it in years. DIGRESSION – I hardly ever cook (another story). I MUST HAVE IT. So I took it and went to see more. Walked right passed the freezer section because it would require some form of cooking. My pineapple, Mixed Berry Yogurt and Waldorf salad cradled in my arms, I turn down the next aisle. MORE ANGELS – BIGGER HALO A discounted refrigerated section that held all the items I now held in my arms but it was CHEAPER!!! Now I gotta go get a daggone on basket. Don’t let anyone take my stuff. I happily filled my basket and decided, “Let me get on this damn store before they take all my money.”

Now I’m at Fresh & Easy 3-4 times a week (no I don’t stock up) every morning buying my salad, fruit and yogurt. It gives me my fruit and vegetables for the day. DIGRESSION – I don’t like most vegetables (no story needed). I get two servings of dairy and hot damn (I’ve used the word damn a lot today, huh?) a meatless Monday is a doable thing for me; heck, meatless any day.

Fresh & Easy has truly made it easy for me to eat a little healthier throughout the day as well as a healthy snack of apples, grapes or strawberries for Morgan. Now that I’m TRYING to eat healthier, don’t be surprised if a sista get a little slimmer on ya’ll.