I got a new load of Mojobricks and decided to use them for a big cook. Mojobricks are single species hardwood sawdust that have been compressed into bricks for bbqing. Here is a shot of them:



I was cooking in the new Spicewine trailer so this was a test of the bricks and the trailer. I wanted to see how the trailer handled large amounts of meat and how much fuel was required. This is the setup I used:

Mojobricks Setup

I used cherry bricks with hardwood briquettes. This setup produced some wonderful smelling blue smoke. Check out the Mojobricks in action:

I was cooking for a vending event so I prepped 10 briskets, 8 corned beef briskets for Pastrami and 8 Pork butts. I put them in at 10pm and I'll be damned if they weren't done at 5:30pm with lots of fuel left.

I was really impressed with the Mojobricks and we put out some great BBQ. Check out Mojobricks at Mojobricks.com and tell them Bigmista sent you!