It's time for FOUR Q to get cooking again!

The BBQ'n Autry contest is April 13-14 and we are rarin' ta go! It has been a long winter and we are really anxious for the contest season to begin.

Some of the members of the CBBQA have decided to put together our own little practice contest to hone our skills a little bit. We are calling it Backyard BBQ at Rancho Rocke. We will have seven teams competing in chicken, tri-tip, ribs and a special "quick brisket" category. We will have several KCBS judges there to watch over the contest and first prize in each category will be a homemade apple pie.

We have switched things up a bit on our team. Sylvie will be cooking chicken, Professor Salt will be cooking tri-tip and I will be cooking ribs. Should be a nice change of pace.

The contest will be in Garden Grove, CA this Saturday and should be a blast!