I confess. I am a snacker. And when I snack, I like to dip. I am a really big dipper. (Insert nerdy astronomy joke here.)

Anyway, one of my struggles on this 21-day Daniel Fast is finding something with which to dip.(My grammar teacher would be so proud that I didn't end that sentence with a preposition.) Corn chips? Out. Tortilla chips? Out. Ruffles? Out. Wheat thins? Out. Pita Bread? Out. Even the humble Saltine? *sniff* Out.

So what was I to do? How would I eat my hummus? How could a savor my salsa? How would I partake of my peanut butter? Would I be relegated to dipping with *shudder* vegetables?


I was determined to find something to dip with that wasn't fried and didn't have any milk products or enriched white flour. A daunting task indeed. But I scoured the shelves of the local markets and read every label I could find until I came up with three alternatives to fit  the criteria of the fast. Here they are:


Triscuits, Special K Potato Crisps, Triscuits with Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil

Both of the Triscuits have the same texture but the have totally different flavors. The original has an almost sweet quality about it. You get the full flavor of the wheat. It's like shredded wheat but more organized. I lliked this on best with some natural peanut butter. No, not Jif or Skippy. Read your Labels.

The Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuit was the one that had the best flavor of the three. You can tell the used some quality Olive oil and the pepper taste is pronounced but not over powering. This paired best with my chunky olive hummus from Trader Joe's but I would eat these by themselves even if I wasn't fasting.

The Special K Potato Crisps are made from potatoes and brown rice flour. They taste like a potato chip but they are sturdier. They stood up well to salsa and they were my favorite with that dip. Be sure to get the Sea Salt flavor because the other flavors have either milk products or hydrolyzed yeast protein stuff.

Original Triscuit, Special K Potato Crisps, Triscuit with Cracked pepper and Olive Oil

I can rest a little easier now that I know I can take a quick dip whenever I need to. Rats, there goes that preposition.

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