This Christmas, we had dinner at our friend Barbara's house. Barbara is an awesome cook and a great friend. She is one of those Southern ladies that feeds you every time you walk in the door. I love going to Barbara's house. Barbara's son Rodney was visiting with his wife Kimberly and his Mother-in-law, Vera. Vera is a great cook, too. Vera and Barbara put together a spread you wouldn't believe. Here's the menu:

Roast Turkey Glazed ham Seasoned Rice with Green onions Cornbread dressing with gravy Macaroni and Cheese Crab Imperial Candied Yams Sweet Potato Casserole w/ coconut topping Collard Greens Cabbage Lima beans Hot water cornbread Monkey Bread

Here is a picture of the buffet:

Christmas Buffet

I was actually given the honor of cooking the brisket so I cranked up the smoker and set out to make one of the best briskets I had ever made. I know that a lot of people won't have the patience to properly Barbecue a brisket but there are a lot of BBQ afficianados that visit here so I have to represent.

Bigmista's BBQ Brisket

1 whole brisket (Get it in the cryovac package. If you can't find one, a flat will do. 1/4 cup Worchestershire sauce 1/4 cup Brown Sugar 1/8 cup Kosher Salt 1/8 cup Paprika 2 tbsp Black Pepper 2 tbsp Garlic Powder 1 tbsp Cayenne 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp allspice

Put the brisket in a large pan or tub. Pour the Worchestershire over the brisket and massage it in well. Mix the rest of the ingredients together in a bowl. Generously sprinkle the rub (mixed seasonings) on the brisket and pat it until it sticks. Your smoker should be about 225° now. I use charcoal and hickory wood chunks (not chips). Put the brisket on the grates and smoke it with the fat side down until the internal temperature of the beef is 160°.

Brisket in smoker

Spray the brisket thoroughly with apple juice and wrap it in heavy duty foil. At this point the brisket won't take anymore smoke so you can put it in the oven if you are tired of tending the fire. Cook at least 3 more hours at 225° until the internal temperature reaches 190°. Remove from heat and let it cool and rest for at least an hour. Slice across the grain and serve.

Out of all of the food that was cooked for Christmas, everybody was talking about the brisket. It was also the only thing that was completely gone. I hope you will all give this a try. If you have any questions at all, post a comment or email me at

Thanks to all of my family at for years of advice.


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