You guys that know me, know I do not cook on purpose. Neil enjoys it a whole lot more and he gets paid for it. Besides, far be it from me to rain on his cooking parade. That being the case though, somehow I got it in my head that I wanted to fry some chicken. Mind you that thought crossed my mind three days ago but so what.

 Nothing but Chicken Scratch

Nothing but Chicken Scratch

Finally made up my mind to cook the chicken tonight, Y'all know I’m lying right. What had happened was, I didn’t put the chicken in the freezer so after 2 days in the fridge I think it was cook it or trash it. Since I had to cook this daggone chicken, I decided to do an experiment with our Chicken Scratch Rub.

Now, I'm not a sophisticated cook. My old school good for everything seasonings are Lawry's, pepper, and garlic salt. When I fry chicken I always season the chicken and the flour. I don't drag it through an egg wash or nothin else. Just season, flour, fry. Now my momma and ‘nem our from Texas and taught me that you use a brown paper bag to shake your chicken. Well ha, I didn't have one so I grabbed a zip lock bag. Hope it doesn't jack up my flavor.

 Is it pink or peach

Is it pink or peach

Our Chicken Scratch has a seasoning in it that gives a nice hue to smoked chicken. Wasn't sure how that was going to work out for my fried chicken. As you can see the color looks pink in the bag (Neil said peach). I know our Chicken Scratch is great on smoked poultry and vegetables (especially asparagus) but what about in a skillet?

Yes we have a cast iron skillet but Neil has had issues with me using it every since that one time I washed it with soap. He didn’t know that was my trick all along. Shoot that things is heavy. Also I don't deep fry, I actually turn my chicken. I don't know if that means anything cooking wise, it's just the way I was taught. Anywho, as I’m cooking Mr. Man comes sniffing around.

Neil: What chu gone make with the chicken
Me: Chicken
Neil: What else
Me: More chicken
Neil: You're gonna cook more chicken
Me: No just this chicken
Neil: Well what are Morgan and your dad gonna eat
Me: Chicken
Neil: But what side dish are you gonna make
Me: Chicken
Neil: Baby you can’t just make chicken for dinner
Me: I didn’t say I was cooking dinner. I'm frying chicken
Neil: *heavy sigh as he puts on water to make rice and prep a salad*

Somehow I thought I was quite clear when I said I was frying chicken. Oh well.

As you can see the pink flour was not an issue for the finished product. Now it's time to eat and poll the family. The verdict on the chicken...

Neil: It has more flavor than your regular chicken
Morgan: It’s awesome. Who made the salad?
Me: Daddy
Morgan: Oh

My opinion is that it could have used more salt, but mind you I put salt on almost everything before I taste it. Maybe I’m just used to flavor that comes through the chicken when you use it for smoking. Who knows.

And if you’re wondering why all the photos are close up, it’s because I don’t need y'all in my business to see I don’t like to clean the kitchen on purpose either.

So, if you ever use our Chicken Scratch on your fried chicken, please write back and tell me I’m right and Neil’s wrong. NOW, I'm going to clean the kitchen.


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