Hey All, Bigmista's Barbecue has been evolving for some years now. We learn as we grow and we grow as we learn. Because we created our business on a learn as we grow type of plan, we take advice, corrective criticism and learn from our mistakes. Yeah formal education is in the plan but right now we need to pay our mortgage and feed our family.

I'm not an outspoken advocate for environmental change but I try where I can and hopefully teach my daughter to be more aware then her parents. I do my best to recycle. I hate throwing plastic in the trash and fuss at Neil all the time when he does it but sometimes I can't find an alternative for disposal. I've kept cans and plastic in my car until I remember to put them in the recycle can at home. It gives me an even better feeling to give them to folx I see collecting for the sake of survival.

Anyway I digress. I said all that to say we're changing our ways. Our change serves two purposes for us. Not only are we doing our small part environmental but we're also trying to bring some Texas charm to your lives by doing away with so many plastic containers and instead wrap meat in paper. Believe it or not we had this discussion almost at the beginning of doing our first market, we just never implemented it. We haven't made it to the butcher paper stage yet but that is what we're aspiring to.

We'll still package meals in the 3-compartment containers but meat by the pound or rack will be in paper. We also want to do away with all the fly away plastic bags so we're moving back to paper. We know a lot of you prefer the plastic for easier carrying but personally Neil and I like paper a whole lot better. And what better advertising for a food joint then a greasy paper bag. I will however try and sale Neil on the paper bags with handles for larger orders.

So just know if we say paper or plastic that’s what we’re talking about. And if you opt for plastic it’s gonna cost you a quarter.