If you haven't read Brisket Experiment #1, scroll down and read that first! 6:00am Waking up and checking in The alarm went off about 5:45am and I scrounged for something warm to where because it got down into the 40's overnight. I went outside and my little smoker was chugging along at about 210 degrees. Brisket was about 160. The bark was just starting to set up. I took a coupla pics. Gave the coals a stir and went back to bed.

brisket cooking

brisket cooking

8:30am Wrapping time Brisket temp has been holding in the 160-165 range. I sprayed it thoroughly with Apple Juice and wrapped it loosely in 3 layers of HD foil. I took this opportunity to add some more lump to the fire. Temp was still holding but fuel was very low. Just seemed like a good time to give it a boost.

brisket cooking

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Brisket Experiment #3 - The Finale


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