Ok. You all know about the up coming BBQ'n at the Autry cookoff coming up on April 7-8. If you don't you can get details here. Well my team, The Four Q BBQ Team, divied up the duties and I pulled brisket. Brisket is arguably the hardest competition meat to get right (Chicken runs a very close second.) so I need to practice. I will keep a log here so you can see my process step by step. (It will also help me remember what I did. It's hard getting old.)

9:00pm Trim the brisket I trimmed all of the hard pieces of fat from the brisket. Not an easy task.

9:30pm Inject and season the brisket I injected the brisket with a mixture of Apple Juice, Beef Broth, Spicewine's Heffer dust and a few other ingredients. Next I made my own rub that included some homemade Elephant Garlic Powder from my friend (Brauma). This stuff will be on the market soon and when it is, I highly suggest you get some!

Next I slathered the meat with some brown mustard and apllied the rub liberally.

rubbed brisket

11:00pm Start the fire. Since this is an overnight cook, I am cooking in my bullet smoker because it holds temps longer. I am using a combination of mesquite lump, hickory, and a little kingsford to get things started.

fire started

fire started

12:00am The temps are up so I put the brisket on the smoker and soon as I get done writing this, I'm going to bed.

fire started

fire started

I will post more tomorrow when I wake up!

Brisket Experiment #2


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