Last week I was selling some dinners and I went to Restaurant Depot to pick up a couple of briskets. I searched thru the packages and found a nice 11 pounder and a nice 12 pounder. I paid and went home happy. When I got home, I made up a batch of my "special injection" that is based on apple juice and worchestershire sauce. I injected the meat while it was still in the cryovac and started my fire. When I took the meat out of the package, I noticed the grains on one of the briskets were running in an unusual direction. And even though it was fatter on one end and had a fat cap, there was no fat separating the nose and the flat.

I grabbed the package and read "Premium CH Angus Bottom Round Flats".

WTF is that?!?

I had already injected it and opened it. I couldn't take it back and even if I wanted to because Restaurant Depot was closed. I had to deliver 16 brisket dinners in the morning and some of them weren't going to be brisket. So I treated the bottom round flat like a brisket and smoked it low and slow and it came out pretty good. I got no complaints at all.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Here are some pics...

Brisket on the right Brisket and bottom round on the smoker Brisket fresh from the foil First cut Sliced BBQ Brisket Barbecue Brisket Dinner First cut of smoked beef round BBQ Barbecue Beef Round dinner



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