Bigmista's Barbecue was part of a BBQ crawl on Saturday. A crawl is when a group of BBQ fans get together and go taste BBQ at several different restaurants and post their findings. We were up against two of L.A's most established BBQ joints, Phillips and Texas BBQ King. We were really happy with our reviews. Here is a portion of them: Bigmista’s Barbecue – Watts Farmers Market

Bigmista's Barbecue is headed up by Neil Strawder with the able assistance of his father-in-law Glenn Croxton. We visited their stand at the Watt’s Farmers Market, Ted Watkins Park at 103rd St. & Central Ave. They are there every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. A copy of the menu, and other vending locations in the L.A. basin, is posted below. I note that Bigmista’s was the only place which served all four traditional competition meats – brisket, chicken, pulled pork and pork spare ribs – as well as links. We were also able to test the following sides: pineapple coleslaw, baked beans, and collard greens. Neil and Glenn cook on a Spicewine with charcoal and hickory. They were willing to show us their cooker and graciously spent time visiting with us.

BRISKET “Tender, flavor good.” “Tender, delicious” “Great flavor, best I have ever had. Tender, perfect.” “Excellent” “Perfectly cooked for tenderness. 8 on tenderness, 8 on taste.” “Tender, nice flavor, but could have been a bit moister” “Outstanding. Not too dry or moist. Good flavor.” “Nice flavor, texture. 9 out of 10” “Was the best of the meats. Moist.” "The brisket was a revelation."

PULLED PORK “Tender, flavorful.” “Very tender, much flavor.” “Good flavor and smoke” “Nice. Not too much of anything. Good balance.” “Tender, nice flavor (without sauce), moist.” “Good flavor, a little dry for me.” "...this was some of the best butt I have ever had!" “8 out of 10” “Very good texture, not mushy.”

PORK SPARE RIBS “Good flavor, could be cooked a little more (too much pink for me)” “Excellent” “Good” “Great smoke flavor. Tender. Could have been a bit moister.” “Mild smoke, good taste.” “10 out of 10” “Good smoke and pull” “Slightly undercooked for my taste.”

CHICKEN “Good, but too salty” “Too salty, but I loved it” “Really good, especially balanced with the sauce.” “Too salty and a little dry unless you put sauce on it.” “Too much pepper, dry” “5 out of 10” “Bit dry” “Dry and over-salted.”

LINKS “Good with a nice spicyness.” “Average”

PINEAPPLE COLESLAW “9 out of 10” “Nice, sweet, tangy, great on the pulled pork.” “Delicious, tasty” “Great! A winner” “Too sweet for me”

BAKED BEANS “Little too sweet.” “Great” “Excellent. More please.” “These are good, but not really special.” “10 out of 10” “Good beans, but nothing special.”

COLLARD GREENS “A little too salty for me and a bit overcooked.” “Great!” “Great taste.” “I liked it with a touch of vinegar.” “Loved the greens.”

SAUCE “I liked this sauce. A bit spicy, but rich.” “Nice and thick and rich, right amount of spice.” “9 out of 10”

You can see the rest of the review My BBQ Pit.

The reviewers (along with some other guy who had to get in the pic):

BBQ Crawl

The food!

Pork, links and chicken

Brisket and Ribs

And here are our locations:

SUNDAY - 10:00-2:00 Atwater Village (Wells Fargo Parking Lot) 3250 Glendale Boulevard

TUESDAY - 8:00-1:00 Torrance (Charles H. Wilson Park) 2200 Crenshaw Boulevard

WEDNESDAY - 2:00-7:00 Lawndale (in front of Civic Center building) 147th & Hawhtorne Boulevard

SATURDAY - 10:00-2:00 Watts (Ted Watkins Park) 103rd & Central Avenue

Come on out and see for yourself why we have some of the best BBQ in town!



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