On New Year's Day, I made what might have been the best meal I have ever made. I downloaded a sample menu from a cruise and told MrsMista to pick whatever she wanted and I would recreate it for her. A tough challenge to be sure because those meals are prepared by world class chefs with years of training.

I was up to the challenge though. I feel like I can create almost anything given time to research and the right ingredients so MrsMista presented me with her special menu and I went to work.

We started out with prosciutto and melon...

And the main course was Chateaubriand with bearnaise sauce, grilled portabello  mushrooms and sauteed sweet potato slices. Here are the pics:

The meal was flavorful, balanced and satisfying without making us overly full. I was especially amazed at the bearnaise sauce. I thought it was kind of bland and flat tasting but when paired with the meat it was perfect.

I impressed MrsMista and I really impressed myself.



The Survival Gourmet