Hey folks!

The Four Q BBQ team had a practice cook today. Since we won't have our chicken cook, BBQ Junkie, we decided to have own little cookoff to see who would pick up the slack. Sylvie, Professor Salt and I all whipped up a batch of chicken each and we ate until we decided who was gonna cook.

Professor Salt went with a Magic Dust rubbed chicken with a white sauce a la Chris Lilly. Sylvie went with a Szechuan style rub with apple juice reduction sauce. I went with a brined, citrus flavored chicken with my tomato based sauce.

After devouring many chicken thighs, it was decided that Sylvie would prep the chicken, I would be in charge of the seasoning, Professor Salt would be in charge of the cooking and we would use Sylvie's sauce.

Wish us luck!

Now you know I wouldn't let you go without some pictures...



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