The Four Q BBQ team is at it again!

Our team will be competing at The Beachfront Barbecue cookoff on November 10th and 11th. This is a California State Championship and will be held in Imperial Beach, CA, just south of San Diego. This will be the last contest of our rookie season so we are really excited about it.

We are going in with a disadvantage though. BBQ Junkie will not be joining us. He and Mrs. Junkie are expecting a new addition to their family! We will miss them but we are very happy for them!

Since we won't have our chicken expert, we are going to have a practice cookoff Sunday at Sylvie's house. Sylvie from Soul Fusion Kitchen, Professor Salt and I will all try to come up with winning chicken recipes. We will use the best recipe or even a combination of all three at the contest.

If you have an interest in seeing a BBQ contest in person then come on down to Imperial Beach! As always, the teams won't be able to serve BBQ to the public but there will be plenty of great BBQ at the CBBQA booth.

Hope to see you there!



The Survival Gourmet