I had such a great time in Galveston, TX this past weekend! I went back to the town I grew up in to help out our church by cooking some BBQ for a fundraiser but it turned into so much more. This turned into a BBQ event! There were so many people that came out to share in the food and fellowship. The building is not the only thing that has been rebuilt. There is a brand new spirit of love and joy and everyone can feel it. It is such a happy place!

Rev. Chester Makowski and his wife Mary have set the tone for this miraculous turnaround and their infectious spirit is touching everyone in the community. St. Augustine of Hippo Episcopal Church is once again a place to be!

While I was there I was blessed with so many friends, old and new, that came out to serve in whatever way they could. Ernest Ramirez, Ed Rios and Junior of the Drillin & Grillin BBQ Team brought a huge pit and stayed up all night cooking with me.

The guys from Pitmaker LLC also generously lent us a pit to cook on. It even had lights and a siren on it!

Officer Patrick Mullins of the Galveston Police Department was my right hand man for this event. Besides working in the kitchen he did all the little things to make this event work like driving me to Houston to pick up one of the pits or running to the store to get the things I forgot. (And I always forget something!) Patrick is one of my classmates and football teammates. He was awesome and I would have him on my team anytime!

There were too many people to name but so many people helped to make this event special. None worked harder than my mother Pat Tate. She has tirelessly (ok she's really tired but she keeps going) worked on this event and it's success is due in large part to her. Love you Ma!

Oh yeah. I guess you want to see the food, huh?

Katherine Shilcutt of the Houston Press wrote a great post about the event that you all should check out. Click here for the post.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to support our church by volunteering their time or buying some BBQ. This was a great event and I hope the Community Garden will touch some lives in Galveston.