Yes I know it's an awful name but it is a great appetizer.

An ABT is basically a jalapeno that has a cream cheese stuffing and is wrapped in bacon. There are a thousand ways to prepare them and probably just as many variations on the stuffing.

The real trick to preparing them is coring them. If you leave the seeds and veins in, it will be too hot for some people (not me!). They way I do it is to cut off the stem end and then use a paring knife to cut the veins away from the sides. The seeds and veins should just shake out.

Then I use a teaspoon to stuff the jalapenos with the cream cheese filling:

Cream Cheese Filling

8oz. Cream Cheese 4oz. Cheddar Cheese, shredded 4oz. shrimp, cooked, chopped well 1tbsp Basic BBQ Rub

Mix well.

Once the jalapenos are stuffed, take 1/2 of a strip of bacon and drape it over the top of a jalapeno. Then run a toothpick thru the bacon and the jalapeno to hold the bacon in place. Repeat with all of the jalapenos. They should look like this...

ABT Atomic Buffalo Turd


Then you just pop them in your smoker (or oven if you don't have a smoker) for a couple of hours at 225 degrees. They should come out looking like this...

ABT Atomic Buffalo Turds

These aren't as spicy as you might think unless you don't get all of the seeds and veins out. They taste great and they are different type of appetizer for everyone to enjoy!



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