Since we are eating leftovers from all of the meals that I cooked this week, I decided to tell you about on of my favorite kitchen toys. Every short order cook uses this tool to prepare the quick great tasting meals you expect from you local diner. It's not a special spatula or or bacon press. It's the thing that great breakfasts are made of. Guessed what it is yet? It is a griddle! With a griddle you can make six pancakes at a time. With a griddle you can cook a pound of bacon in one batch. With a griddle, you can fry up your own gut bombs, sliders or mini-burgers (whatever you call them) by the dozen. A griddle is a useful tool.

Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with a huge kitchen with a built-in griddle. However, necessity is the mother of invention so I went out (ok, my wife got a deal at a pampered chef party) and got me a double-burner griddle. For those of you who might be reading this while dealing with too much coffe and too little sleep, a double burner griddle fits over two of the burners on your stove and gives you plenty of room to fry up a big batch of hash browns.

I recommend getting one with heat-resistant handles, a thick grade of steel and a non-stick surface. These babies will last a long time and and you will definitely get your money's worth using them.

If you have any question, leave it in the comments. I read those everyday and I will respond to every that is directed at me.

Type to ya soon!

The Survival Gourmet