When I have a Saturday off from work, I usually sleep in. Then I'll get up, make a little breakfast and spend the day either BBQing or piddling on my computer. Usually both. This week, however, I got a call from a buddy of mine asking me to help cook for his daughter's birthday party. If it was anybody but him, I probably would have said no, but we cook together all of the time and I knew the food would be good and plentiful.

When I got there, the meat was already marinated as usual (he doesn't share his recipe) so it was my job to man the grill.

Starting the fire

Once it was started, we started cooking the Teriyaki Chicken.

Grilling the chicken

My buddy Junior, had a break in the kitchen so he came out to get into the act.

Junior cooking

We put the meat in a cooler to keep it hot while we cooked the rest.

Hot food

More hot food

We ended up cooking 3 cases of chicken Chicken

A bunch of Kalbi (Beef Short Ribs) Kalbi

Lots of Sausage Sausage

And the sides were rice, Chinese chicken salad, potato-crab salad, Taro (Junior calls this Samoan Steroids because that's what makes them so big!), Chop Suey and Oka, a Samoan dish made with marinated salmon, tomatoes, and cucumbers in a creamy sauce (again, Junior won't share the recipe).

Tasty Barbecue on a stick BBQ ribs

The food

More food

And of course, here is the real reason we gave up our Saturday...

The kids

We fed about 100 Samoans which equals out ot about 300 people. Everybody was happy and full. Great day!

Type to ya soon!

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