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BIG RED Super Bowl Party

This was the second year the good folx of Redd Golf hired us to cater for the Big Red (soda, not gum) Super Bowl party at La Quinta Resort and Club. For y'all that don't know, Big Red is the official soda for barbecue AND what we plan to serve in our restaurant. We also found out that next year will be the 10th anniversary for this Big Red event so were already trying to think of a spectacular menu because these folks love their barbecue. The menu started with bbq shrimp, smoked bologna & crackers, smoked turkey bruschetta with sundried tomatoes & feta cheese on toasted baguettes, brisket chili, spicy sticky wangs, and of course pig candy.

BBQ ShrimpSmoked BolognaBruschetta

Even after all that, dinner was a feast all its own. We opened with Caesar salad and pineapple coleslaw. For sides we served Cajun corn (thanks Bekah), collard greens, BBQ beans, and mac & cheese. For the big BBQ finish, there were ribs, pastrami, and brisket. Then we topped it all off with Bigmista's newest concoction disco bread

My TurnChowBigmista Carving

I know you guys are asking what the Sam Hill is disco bread? It is Bigmista's latest creation. He got the idea from watching a video on how to make soul bread (don't ask me, I don't know). Disco bread is a savory cornbread made with grilled onions, jalapeño and enough butter to make Paula Deen sing like Barry Gibb. The grilled onions have a tendency to sink to the bottom, so if you try it, turn it upside down for better presentation. Sadly I didn't take any close up pics but it was dang tasty.

I know you guys are rubbing your bellies just reading about all the food. But wait, there's more. As if they had room, we broke out the red velvet cupcakes, warm peach cobbler made by my momma, and vanilla ice cream. One of the guests made herself an ice cream sandwich with her cupcake. I guess there is always room for a little sweet. No pics of the sweets either. I must have been winding down by then.

Even with all our hard work, the staff at La Quinta goes above and beyond to make sure we look good. First off, executive chefs, Michael Vaughn and Stephen Strickland, and their staff allowed us to invade their kitchen space, assisted us with kitchen equipment, washed up all our dirty dishes, and anything else we may have needed. Add to that Senior Event Manager, Jose Garza, and his staff setting up all of our tables, equipment, and lighting. We appreciate each and every one of them.

We ended our working weekend with breakfast at twenty6. Their lump crab cakes eggs Benedict are almost worth the drive alone. I never knew I liked eggs Benedict until I experienced these babies.  Oh to have this breakfast experience on the regular would be heaven. Eggs Benedict