First, I would like to thank Sylvie from Soul Fusion Kitchen and her husband, "G", for opening their lovely home and hosting our dress rehearsal for the BBQ contest. It was great getting the whole team together to cook and strategize. We had some great food, some snafus and a lot of lessons learned. I think we are better prepared now and I am looking forward to the contest even more. On to the pictures...

These first pictures are of us meeting and getting setup for the cook...

Getting setup
Getting setup

This is a picture of BBQ Junkie, Sylvie and her constant companion, Ziggy.

Luis Sylvie and Ziggy

Here is Professor Salt trimming some ribs.

Trimming Ribs

Pulling the pork.

Pulling pork

Here is the brisket, coming out of the foil...

Brisket done
Brisket done

First cut...

First cut

Here's Professor Salt, carmelizing some sugar on his ribs.

Sprinkling sugar for carmelizing
Professor Salt and the blow torch

Here is our pork turn in box.

pulled pork
pulled pork

Armadillo eggs for the Southwest entry.

Armadillo eggs

Brisket turn in box


Chicken Turn in box


Rib turn in box


I'd really like honest opinons about the appearance of our turn in boxes. We had some really nice flavors happening, but we all need to manage our cooking times a little better to get the right textures and tenderness.

All in all, we had a good time and we got to eat BBQ. Doesn't get much better than that!!



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