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Who would have thought this day would come. It was our plan to Que our way to the afterlife. That may still happen, but for now, it is coming o an end. Bigmista’s will be closing its doors at the end of the month.

We tried to get out of our lease, but the landlord said no. Then we decided to let the evict us to break the lease but found out we’re still on the hook for the end of the lease. We told them fine we’re leaving, but they decided they wanted us out in 5 days and decided to involve lawyers to evict us. Oh well, then no need for me to rush paying. I’ll hold it til we go to court. Actually, the old me would do that, but I’m gonna pay and be done so we can move on.

We are moving out of state in a few months where I’m starting a new business. Bigmista hasn’t decided what he’s gonna do yet, but he still wants to work with food. When Bigmista let me step away from the shop we found he wasn’t so great with employees, so I’m not sure if another restaurant is in his future.

I know people want to know why and the short answer is because we’re grown and we can. The long answer may be a bit more complicated but not much different. Our house is up for sale. We’re tossing or selling whatever we can and traveling light. If Bigmista would let me give stuff away, I’d be done real quick.

Suffice it to say it has been a pleasure serving all of you, even the complainers. We may have worked long hours, bitched, moaned and ached but we would not have traded this experience for the world. I love each and every one of you that made our business a success and God willing we may return to Long Beach.

For now, if you want some Bigmista’s we’re open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11-8 and Sunday 11-4. Unless something comes up, our last official day will be July 1. And don't be mad when we tell you it's gone. because you know the barbecue rules.

Again, we love you, we thank, we appreciate you, and we’ll see you on the smoky side.